Domina Meet & Greet 7/21 Midtown NYC

While there are some website-hell issues being attended to, this site will serve as a gateway to the upcoming event.

Thursday, July 21 @ 6-9pm, Midtown NYC

b6ff239394127b37c4a26f693cf9ca05Please BE ADVISED that I have strict, security rules that EVERYONE follows.

This is a causal gathering of DOMINAS ONLY to make friends Who share Our interests in more than just Fetish.

While there’s nothing so lovely as Domina Play Friends, having Fetish Friends who share Your other interests is just fabulous!

We all know how tedious it is to have Your guard up all of the time around the creepazoids. So, I’m experimenting with a slightly-non-fetish, gathering for Dommes to meet for a cocktail and conversation to build nurturing relationships.

For example, a few Domina Friends and I are planning a museum day to share perspectives on current exhibits (followed by wine, of course!).

There is no charge to attend this gathering and You are responsible for your own tab.

Location details will be given ONLY to approved attendees.

For more info and an invitation, CLICK HERE.

We hope to have My Websites up and running soon so please be patient!